Friday, May 2, 2008

Grow a Finger with Pig Dust

Lee Spievack sliced half an inch off the top of one of his finger and after he sprinkled some “pixie dust” the finger grow back.

The “pixie dust” is extra-cellular matrix, full off collagen and is made from dried pig’s bladder. Originally “pixie dust” was created to regenerate damaged ligaments in horses but Lee’s brother Alan who is researching tissue regeneration convinced him to sprinkle "pixie dust"

The U.S. Army Military is working with University of Pittsburgh scientists who developed the pixie dust to find a way to allow injured soldiers to regrow lost fingers, skin, and even whole limbs.

Spievack lost the finger in 2005 when it got caught in the propeller of a model plane. He did not want a skin graft, opting instead to try the “pixie dust.” Spievack said that his finger even has a fingernail and fingerprint.

Collagen gives skin strength and elasticity and is thought that the dust kick-starts the body's natural healing process by sending out signals that mobilize the body's own cells into repairing the damaged tissue.

 Grow a Finger with Pig Dust

Source: Daily Mail

China is building a nuclear submarine base



Breaking news China is building a nuclear submarine base and US is scared.

Someone gave The Daily Telegraph satellite images that show a harbor which could house nuclear ballistic missile submarines and aircraft carriers.

Images show several warships and a network of underground tunnels at the Sanya base on the southern tip of Hainan island.

The tunnel entrances is estimated to be 60ft high, built into hillsides around the base the tunnel leads to caverns capable of hiding up to 20 nuclear submarines from spy satellites.

Satellite image of the harbour: click to enlarge

China is building a nuclear submarine base

The US Department of Defence is pretty scared because China will have five 094 nuclear submarines operational by 2010 with each capable of carrying 12 JL-2 nuclear missiles.

China has diverted much of its resources from the huge Peoples Liberation Army to the navy, air force and missile development. An old Russian aircraft carrier, bought by Beijing has been picked over by naval architects who hope to "reverse engineer" the ship.

In the next five to 10 years the People's Liberation Navy is expected to build up to six carriers which will also coincide with the Royal Navy’s construction of two major carriers.

The location of the base will give the submarines access to very deep water exceeding 5,000 meters making them even harder to detect.

Britain’s Trident submarines have to remain on the surface when they leave Faslane in north east Scotland and cannot dive to depth until outside the Irish Sea.

This is a challenge to any hegemonic power, particularly the US which still remains dominant in the region. But so far China has offered no public explanation for its building at Sanya.

 The images were obtained by Janes Intelligence Review after the periodical was given access to imagery from the commercial satellite company DigitalGlobe.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

David Blaine sets World Record for Underwater Breath Holding

World Record for Underwater Breath Holding

David Blaine set a world record for underwater breath holding of 17 minutes, four and four-tenths seconds in Oprah Winfrey's talk show.

Blaine was suspended in an acrylic sphere filled with water 8.183 liters of water, the spent the first 22 minutes inhaling pure oxygen.

Blaine said that he was aware that his heart was beating irregularly near the end.

"I actually started to doubt I was going to make it because I'd never done it with such a high heart rate," he added. His aides said during the event that his heart rate should have dropped far lower than it did.”

This was not a magic act this was just a stunt, David tries all the time to push the limits of the human body.

Gigantic Squid Eaten by Scientists


Gigantic Squid Eaten by Scientists

A gigantic squid caught in 2007 and weighting 495 kilograms is being unfrozen by scientists, they want to “study” the squid but their intentions where revealed yesterday when several Japanese and Australian scientists started to cut and eat different parts of the squid. By eating the squid they “examined” the ammoniac content. This is the way that real scientist examine the most intact specimen ever found.

The good news is that the thaw will take longer than “scientist” hoped and maybe they will eat some sushi instead.

Scientific conclusion concerning the gigantic squid:

 Mark Fenwick said

This is a gourmet meal.”

It left a real taste in your mouth and stayed for quite a while.”

“I don't know anyone else who has eaten Mesonychoteuthis."

"It was very much like sashimi.”

Dr O'Shea said

It tasted good

"The interesting thing about it is that it was non-ammoniacal.”

Godaddy hosting problem fixed

I solved the hosting problem, apparently if you use you can host an unlimited number of domains. I use the Deluxe Plan has unlimited hosting but can host only three domains, if you want to host more domains you have to buy a Virtual Dedicated Server even if the websites use only html with no databases.

My problem started when I added a new domain to that hosting account, I submitted two tickets and they said that this error occurs if I use more that 50 connections to the server, I didn’t want to argue so I did what any other person does, I deleted one domain and I bough an new hosting plan just for that domain. All the domains work fine now and remember that although the plan is unlimited you can use only three.

Don’t be fooled by this they aren’t real


3G iPhone at $199 in US

3G iPhone


The new 3G iPhone will be launch this summer around June 27, the 8 gigabyte model will cost $399 and the 16 gigabyte model will cost $499. Furthermore carriers will sell the new iPhone at $199 or $299.


The new iPhone will have 3G support, integrated GPS and will be 2.5 mm thinner. Apple will stop supplying the old model several weeks prior to the launch.

Google PR Update

After a small vacation I notice that in 28 April the page rank of my blogs started to change, the most dramatic change was when the PR of a blog dropped from 4 to 0 and then back to 4, this happened with all my blogs. when from 0 to nothing and in just a couple of hours went up to 3. That PR drop really scared my, but I know that the PR of a blog doesn’t do much for your traffic, you can have a blog with PR0 and still be on the first page on Google.  

Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Recession Hits Me

The Recession Hit MeI didn’t write anything in the last few days because the recession has affected me. More exactly in March I manage to earn more that $500 and this month I will only get half of that amount since most of the advertising companies have started to give less money to publishers.

When you have a blog that has thousands of viewers every day that made $16 a day in March and $8 a day in April you aren’t very happy, so I had to develop a strategy for the next three months involving all my blogs.

Because of the recession many bloggers will suffer, and this year we could see another dotcom crash, Google, Yahoo and many others big companies will soon report some big loses and I am waiting for that moment to buy some of their stocks.

This isn’t a good year for business, in fact this “recession” is a world depression. But don’t worry until a couple of weeks ago we weren’t in a recession, so the depression will not come very soon.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Get Paid to Predict at

Predictify is a prediction platform, where users get paid to predict the future. You can find many questions but most of them are free and you won’t get paid for answering them this question helps you to boost up your score, and when you answer correctly to a paid question you will make more money.

Predictify is actually a survey engine. Anyone who wants to find out the peoples opinion can ask questions free or paid. The free questions must be approved by the Predictify team first so you won’t promote something without paying. For company’s that need cheap and sincere answers Predictify is the right website for them, Predictify users answer sincerely because they are asked to guess a future events and not to evaluate a product.

Although you can’t make much money because most of the questions are free and there aren’t many paid questions Predictify is a nice website where you can test you’re clairvoyant powers.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Yahoo launches Shine a site for women


Shine is a site for the 40 million women between the ages of 25 and 54 who visit Yahoo every day. Shine is actually a blog that has some limited Yahoo functions.

The blog has ten topics Fashion + Beauty, Healthy Living, Entertainment, Parenting, Love + Sex, Work + Money, Food, At Home, Astrology and Speak Up.


And like any blog Shine get it share of comments full of spam, there where a couple of “I like it, look at this video” but apparently they deleted those comments, but it doesn’t matter some will replace those comments, but I don’t think that the women visiting Shine are interested to buy Viagra.

This year Yahoo has made many upgrades and has launched four new services, is Yahoo trying to get more money from Microsoft’s?

Friday, March 28, 2008

50 Cent has a social network


50 Cent has more than 1 million friends on MySpace and decided to start his own social network is build on the Ning platform, the website isn't meant to be a fan club, but rather a platform for 50 Cent to showcase his music and the music he likes, and comment on news and user profile pages. users can create profiles and friend lists, but 50 Cent has direct access to the site's users and their e-mail addresses.

Chris "Broadway" Romero said "The thing that separates Thisis50 from MySpace is we control the e-mail database. We can e-mail members if we want to."

Kylie Minogue, Ludacris and Pussycat Dolls have launched their own social networks. Gina Bianchini, CEO of Ning said that artist use MySpace and Facebook as funnels for their social networks.

And it's relatively inexpensive to create a social network if artists use one of the companies that provide the tools and hosting. Artists also tend to pay for labor to run the sites, but if fans get involved and add things to the site to share with others, it can reduce the need for staff to constantly provide new content.

Monday, March 24, 2008

uPumpItUp with Mandy Moore


Mandy Moore

Kraft Foods has launched a social network promote by Mandy Moore. uPumpItUp is social network for women, where they can find the inspiration they need to complete different challenges.

The site has the four sections connect, express, inspire, and explore, where members can participate in other challenges or can create their own challenges, connect with others members, ask for help and write comments.

uPumpItUp isn’t a true social network, because it doesn’t have all the necessary features and it looks more like a forum.

Mandy Moore is one of the site experts that contributes with comments, tips and challenges. There are four other experts:

Erika Lenkert is your go-to gal for all things social.

Bobbie Thomas shares stylish ways to express your creative side.

Mandy Ingber helps you tune out distractions and tune into yourself.

Cynné Simpson shows you ways to explore the amazing world around you.

Using the uPumpItUp social network Kraft tries to promote a healthier lifestyles through Crystal Light.



Sunday, March 23, 2008

Buy or Sell Books at

BookHabit is a site where writes can upload their books and sell them. At BookHabit you can find unpublished books of fiction and non-fiction, scripts and plays.

The starting price for a book is $2.50 and increases if a book becomes popular. Writes pay nothing to add their books, and they will receive 40% of the sale price. The books can read on computer, mobile phone, PDA, or e-reader.

At BookHabit you can find unknown authors or books that are not published or promoted by mainstream publishing companies. You can even upload your own books and when you have reached the minimum windrow limit of $50 after 45 books sold you can receive the money through PayPal.

This is nice website but it doesn’t have many visitors and buyers, so even if you write a good book you won’t get any money out of them very soon.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Read the Wall Street Journal for Free


You can read The Wall Street Journal without paying the $79 annual fee for free. Wall Street Journal allows Google and other search engines to index its articles, and it also allows Digg and other news aggregators to link to their articles.

So if you search for a title on Digg or Google and click that link you will see the full article, the problem is that you will not be able to read the all the articles but you can read them if you use one Firefox add-on.

You can read Wall Street Journal articles using a couple of methods:

1. Search an article on Google or on other search engines and if the article is indexed you have access to the full article.

2. Search an article on Digg and if some one submitted the article you can see the full version of the article.

3. Install Firefox and the spoof add-on.

The last method allows access to all the Wall Street Journal articles, and it requires lees work that the first two methods.

To use the third method you need Firefox and an add-on, the add-on can be found here.

After you have installed the Firefox browser and the add-on, go to the Wall Street Journal website, and in the refspoof toolbar you will find “spoof:” and a field, write in the field, click the R icon and select "static referrer".

Read the Wall Street Journal for Free

Now you can read any article for free and the Wall Street Journal thinks that you are visiting the articles from Digg.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Buy and sell links with TNX


TNX is an advertising system that facilitates the selling and buying of text links at a low price. This system was created for advertisers that want to increase their website ranking in search engines fast. This system is different from other advertising system because website owners that are TNX publishers are actually selling their site ranking, and the advertisers don’t want visitors, they want to increase their website rank.

The TNX code is “very simple” and comes in two versions PHP and Pearl, and because of this spider will not detect the code easily.

For publishers TNX has some benefits, because this is an automated system, publishers don’t have to approve every link that appears on their website, but if you don’t want to link to a certain sites you can easily ban that link. Unlike other advertising systems with TNX you sell different ads (links) on every page of the site that may bring more money that the usual ads.

TNX advertisers get to improve their site ranking for certain key words by buying thousands of non-reciprocal links to their site at a very low price.

TNX advertising is based on points, publishers earn more points if they have many page with a high Page Rank, and because not all pages have the same rank the number of points that you receive will not be the same for every page. Also advertisers pay more if they want links from websites with high Page Rank, but with the same amount of points they can buy more links from websites with a lower Page Rank. The points a member accumulates can be sold to other members or sold back to TNX, from the transactions TNX takes a 12.5% commission from all its members, advertiser and webmaster.


If you decide to use TNX you must know that if Google will find that you sell or buy links it will penalize your site.

This system poses some dangers for publishers and advertisers, if an advertiser buys too many links for a new website, Google will figure out that he is buying links and the site will get sandboxed. Publisher will get punished if they have too many links to websites that are not related with their site content, but Google will also punish the advertisers. All do TNX has some filters publisher will get some unrelated links on their site, and advertiser will get links on unrelated pages, this can’t be stopped unless more publisher will join TNX.

If you have decided to use TNX take it slow don’t buy too many links from the start and you will pas under the Google radar. website isn’t indexed by Google because the Googlebot isn’t allowed to crawl the website, so al the rumors that Google banned aren’t true.


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Free stuff from Google for Non-Profits

Google for Non-Profit

Google launched Google for Non-Profits Portal that offers tools to non-profit organizations.

The portal is a shop full of free stuff, like Google-hosted email at your own domain, Google Checkout with no transaction fees until 2009, free online advertising through Google Grants and the usual Blogger and Google Docs account.

This program is only for non-profit organizations and to use some of them you need to prove that you are a non-profit and Google Grants are available only in a couple of country’s and even if you live in one of those countries Google will review your application.

Yuwie Social Network


Yuwie is a social network with a twist; Yuwie pays their users like myLot but between them are major differences. Both Yuwie and myLot are making money from advertising and they share the profit with their users, but the way a user earns money differs.

Yuwie users earn money from the page views they get from other Yuwie users and myLot user get paid by the number of discussion they start and by how others users rated their replies.

Yuwie is like all the other social networks, members can create personal profiles, add friends, add videos and pictures, create clubs (groups), and can create blogs on Yuwie’s blogging platform. In eleven moths Yuwie has become a “big” social network with more that 500,000 members and the privilege to get all links that go from MySpace to Yuwie blocked.

A user earns money from referrals and from impression they get from other members that view their profile, blog, comments, picture and shared layout. Also when a user views his own control panel is counted as 1 page view. The minimum payout is $5 and they send the money through PayPal or a check.

I have found something interesting if you search myLot scam and Yuwie scam you can find two websites that link to each other and they tell the story of a myLot user that got banned and when he moved to Yuwie he found the Holy Grail, I don’t know if this is a true story or just a way of promoting Yuwie, you can decide for yourself.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

AboutUs Wiki


AboutUs is a very useful wiki that automatically creates an about page for any websites.

To get listed all that you have to do is to write a website address and a robot will crawl the website. If someone searches for a website that isn’t in their database a robot will quickly gather information about the website, and thumbnail image is taken, additionally they provide external links to Alexa and to a WHOIS domain search.

This website can help you to get a higher Page Rank, and build some backlinks. Because this is a wiki you can edit the page so it can provide more information about your website and for the same reason if someone wants to spam you it can do it very easily.

When I searched the first time my blog wasn’t in their database, a page was build and after 10 minutes I got the “Adult Content” message.

aboutus fuk

Although my blog doesn’t host any adult content the domain name “FUK” resembles with “fuck”.

I will send them a message to fix this.

myLot Scheme

myLot Scheme

myLot is a “growing” community of individuals that enjoys starting hundreds of discussions in the hope of getting $10.

myLot is social network with over 122,900 users (most of them are inactive), that uses a revenue sharing scheme, user get paid if they start discussion and respond to other discussions, user earnings are related with the number of visits and ad clicks his discussion gets.

Users get paid if they have a minimum of $10 in they account, this could mean hundreds of started discussions and replays.

Analyzing myLot I come to the conclusion that this isn’t the best way to earn money and is the last place to promote your blog.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Get your fake magazine covers at MagMyPic

MagMyPic gives you the opportunity to appear on magazines covers. Now you don’t have to be famous to appear on the cover of big magazines, in one minute you can appear on 22 magazines.

MagMyPic creates fake covers of 22 magazines, you upload an image, they add the magazine template and you’re ready to do something else or show the cover to your friends. This is a simple website and with over 5 million covers created you would expect that the ads to be blended with the rest of the page but they are so obvious that they are annoying.


Thursday, March 13, 2008

RIAA encourages Piracy


RIAA encourages PiracyRIAA has accepted that it can’t stop piracy and tries to makes money by introducing a new tax. RIAA wants to collect a $5 fee per user per month from the internet service providers (ISP).

The money will be used to compensate the performers, music labels and songwriters, the collected money will be divided according with the artist popularity on P2P networks.

If they manage to surcharge the ISP, this would mean that downloading music from P2P is legal, and if all internet users will be charged it will be mandatory to download music. This tax will make music cheaper, who will buy an iTune for 99¢ when they already pay $5 and can download millions of song.

There are many unknowns about this tax, will all the internet user have to pay or only those that download illegal content, how will they verify if a user is downloading a game or an album. Because of this question I doubt that the tax will be applied.

Source: Wired News

$21M for One Widget!!!


ShareThis is a widget that allows readers to share your content and has raised a total of $21M. $6M in Series A round in 2007 and $15M in a Series B round.

$21M is a lot of money for a simple widget, you can submit articles at only 14 websites, it has a tracking system and the only thing that makes it different from other widgets is that you can send the page link and a message via email, AIM, and SMS.

Widgets like AddtoAny and AddThis have more integrated website, AddtoAny has 79 integrated websites and AddThis has 35 websites and a tracking system, and there are more widgets like this that are created by users, anyone can build this kind of tools.


To make money you need to build something very simple and to have around 10 million views a month.

Now I only need an idea.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Google Sells SEO Services


Google acquired DoubleClick, and DoubleClick’s Performics service offers “natural search solutions to improve search engine crawlability”, Link Building and Content Optimization.

Google offers a service to game the Google search engine, now you don’t need any “black hat” knowledge to get a high Page Rank, you simply buy from them some link farms and you’re done.

If they keep this service publishers will take a hard hit, because Google will continue to modify the Page Rank algorithm and those that don’t use this service will get penalized.

Some are wondering why EU allowed this to happen; they bribed the right person, who doesn’t need a couple of millions. Microsoft didn’t pay the right people and got a €899 million ($1,359 million) penalty, this should be a lesson for them.

The next step Google will make is to sell Page Rank.

Who wants 1,000 Entrecard credits?

Who wants 1,000 Entrecard credits?

For those that need Entrecard credits fast or are too lazy to drop 300 cards a day I have created the Entrecard Credit Shop, with the lowest prices on the market.

You can buy Entrecard credits, in packs of 1,000 or 2,000 credits. The price for 1,000 credits is $8 and for 2,000 credits is $14. Although I have a limited number of credits, I don’t plan to raise the credits price.

If you decide to buy, leave your Entrecard email address and website, and you will receive the credits in maximum 12 hours, if you have any questions send a mail or leave a comment.

The transactions is made throw my associated, he takes care of all the financial aspect of this website. After you buy, he sends me a mail with your data and I will send you the credits. 

For the shop I use the PayPal Storefront Widget, as you can see it looks nice and dose a good job, but still it has some bugs.

Watch videos and get paid at Buzzshed


Buzzshed is a video bookmarking site, this is different from other bookmarking website because you get paid $0.30 for every video they send you to rate. When you sign up there are three types of memberships: BuzzClip member, non-BuzzClip member and Advertiser.

Only the BuzzClip members can get paid and to be a member you need to live in one of their 40 country’s list. As an Advertiser you can create campaigns for targeted audience and one video view costs $0.49. I don’t thing that Buzzshed is very useful for advertiser because the majority of the members only want their $0.30 and don’t care about the advertised products.

And apparently there aren’t many advertiser interested in their service.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Republican Tim Couch is Communist

Tim Couch is Communist

Kentucky Representative Republican Tim Couch filed a bill to make anonymous online posting illegal.

The bill would require anyone who comments on a website to register with their real name, address and e-mail address. And a website owner will have to pay a fine if people post anonymously on his site, first-offense fine will be five-hundred dollars, and after that one thousand dollars for each offense.

This bill was created to stop the “online bullying”, also known as freedom of speech. He had problems in Eastern Kentucky district, but now he has problems every where.   

Let’s assume that people will use their real name and address to post comments, this will not stop people from swearing him, but after you write on some blog that someone is stupid, a person that doesn’t like your comment will knock at you’re door and beat you, or you may be sued. This bill wants to create fear, Tim Couch thinks that he is some big shot and people shouldn’t criticizes him, people from Kentucky should remind him who he is, the one who will not get elected.

If the bill passes it will be used against the people, it will be a step towards a Communist USA, isn’t USA fighting for freedom. I am curios what will happen with the bill.

For those who want to comment this article, don’t use your real name, email address and website. And tell the world what you thing about Tim Couch bill.

Monday, March 10, 2008

I am back again

I got a new motherboard, this year the computer will be running at full speed. My backup computer crashed four days ago, the backup was my old computer so it is no surprise that it crashed. Now I have to get a new backup computer, this will happened some time this year. I hope that the computer won’t crash again, because I am tired of fixing it.

I am back

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Scratchback System


Scratchback is basically an advertising system, they call it tipping jar to stay way from the Evil Google. They use the "nofollow" tag on all the links and images so you will not pass Page Rank.

This advertising system is special because peoples can tip you and can get a link to their website. However, the widget owner has no obligation to show any link on his website, this is what makes Scratchback different from other advertising systems. Therefore, if a one of your visitors decides to "tip" your blog, and you do not like the link, you have no obligation to show that link and you keep the money, there is no refund because this is a tipping jar not advertising company.

The link can be text or an image it is your choice what you show on your blog, also it shows a custom message on mouse over, you can show only one widget per page but you can show any number of widgets on your website.

The payout limit is $25 and they pay through PayPal, from every tip they take a 10% fee, this fee is set for the beta trail, at the end of the trail, they will change the commission.

The Scratchback widget can be customized, there are a couple of designs from which you can chose, but if don't like them you can create your own widget that must be approved by the Scratchback team or you can pay a one-time fee of $50 to get the Scratchback team to create the widget for you.

The Scratchback system is a good combination between a donation and an advertising system, although I don’t like any of their widget designs, this seems a good advertising system.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

I Own the Larges Diamond in the Universe

Larges Diamond in the Universe

I have claimed the larges know diamond, the diamond is actually a crystallized white dwarf with the name BPM 37093. The dwarf star was discovered back in 2004, and is very close to home at a distance of 50 light-years from the Earth in the constellation Centaurus, it is 2,500 miles across and weighs 5 million trillion trillion pounds.

The 1967 Outer Space Treaty signed by both the United States and the Soviet Union establishes that no signatory nation may claim sovereignty over any territory on planets beyond Earth. I do not know if this applies to dwarf stars, but the first one that reaches the star owns it and my Space Diamond Lander 1 just landed there.

Now that I am the richest man on earth, I don’t know what to do next, I always wanted to get rich and now that I have accomplish my goal I feel a huge relief.

Is someone interested in buying the Star?

The diamond is for sell, the bid starts at £20 billion pounds, and I do not provide the any means of transportation, you will have to get there on your own.

PayPal Storefront Widget

PayPal has launched last year a widget, which allows anyone to show a storefront on their blog sidebar, or on any website that allows you to embed a HTML code.PayPal Storefront Widget

The widget has many useful features:

Storefront display- you can show images of the items that are for sell.

Item navigation- back and forward buttons.

Sold Out message.

Store Closed message for temporarily close stores.

You can change the widget theme and colors; you can show your own logo and store title, also you can add to each product a description, a picture and a price.

The widget is very easy to use, it supports 17 currencies and customers can rate their buying experience and review your storefront.

I will use this widget here in the sidebar, I always wanted to have an online store, I have a couple but this will be special, people will actually buy from me.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Get in the top search results with Realmee


Realmee is a website where you can create a page about yourself, something like the White Pages. There are many websites that do the same thing, but the Realmee team will do everything they can so your page gets in the top search results.

Realmee doesn’t use cloaking, linkfarming or anything else that may be considerate “black hat SEO”, you can check in their FAQ. There you can find “we will do anything we can to rank your website high in the search engines”, I searched a bunch of people from their index, those that are on the first page are also in the top search results, but people that are on the rest of the index pages don’t appear very often in the top search results. This may not be their fault, you can’t get all the time in the top search.

In a page you can add information about yourself, your address, phone number, email address, a link to your website (they follow), where do you work. You can also add 10 widgets from other websites, your blog RSS, a video, and some pictures. Right now there aren’t many features but in the future they will add more.

This is a useful website it can help you to increase your page rank, being in the top search results won’t do you harm.

 I will pay close attention to this website, who knows what they will do next.

Friday, February 29, 2008

Amazon Your Video Widget

Amazon launched a video sharing program “Your Video Widget”. You can upload videos on Amazon and add the code to your website, while playing you can show different products.

This program is for blogs and websites, not for watching videos like on YouTube, Amazon doesn't have a portal for the uploaded videos, but who knows maybe in the future.

The video must not be longer that 10 minutes and larger that 100MB, no two products can appear within 10 seconds of each other, videos that are obscene, or contain violence and nudity are not allowed, you are not allowed to show phone numbers, mail addresses, URLs, prices, or shipping information.

You make money from the referral fees, like before. So you can't use Amazon to promote your blog, you can use it only to sell stuff. Like any other type of ads this will work beater if you show products that are related with the video content.


Scheduled Posts at Blogger

Blogger has launched a new useful feature Scheduled Posting. Now you can publish post at any time in the future.

To use this feature you have to log from, write the post and set the publish date and time using “Post Options”. I have tried this feature and it works, but it has some bugs and the Blogger team is working to fix them at some point in the future.

I have waited for this feature from the moment I started to use their blogging platform, now is too late.

Scheduled Posts


Entrecard exchange market

Entrecard has just launched an exchange market, at this moment it's not live they are just collecting information regarding the price. You can set the price for 1,000 credits the amount of credits you are willing to sell, the buy price and the buy volume.

They restrict the number of credits than can be sold and bought in a day to ensure the market stability, credits can be traded in packs of 1,000 credits, at this moment the price for 1,000 credits is $10 you can't set a lower price than this the transaction are anonymous and the payments are made through PayPal.

Entrecard doesn't take any fees from transaction but if a margin remains from a transaction they will take it. In the next weeks it will go live, until then keep dropping cards. People are “smelling” money, in the Entrecard Shop you can find reviews, banners, email address for prices that exceed 1,000 credits, the most expensive object from the shop is a domain you can buy it for 100,000 credits. I don't know if the exchange market is the cause of these offers but people are expecting to get rich, this may came as a shock but only a few will make more than a couple of dollars.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

I am back

I didn't write anything in the past six days because I had a big problem, my motherboard crashed this is the third ASUS motherboard that crashes and this makes it official ASUS motherboards SUCK. In the past days I didn't had access to internet, and you can only imagine the pain I been through. Because I bought the motherboard from a small store they didn't give me a new one, I have to wait a couple of days, but don't worry I will never buy something from them again because they SUCK. Now I have to use my old computer, this needed a new processor (the old one overheats) and because it is so old I didn't find a faster processor only slower ones, I bought one and it works in slow motion but still I have a computer that works and when I will get the new computer back I will have a backup.

Many things have happened in last days, I just read the news, you already know this things but this won't stop me to write about them.

Saturday, February 23, 2008 scheme

Tipit was created by three Dutch students; they have created a “tipping system” that works similar to a PayPal donation system, the difference is that visitors can donate any amount of money no mater how small.

You add the “Like it? Tip it!” button to your website, people that like your articles can tip (donate) any amount of money they like. People that donate can pay once the total amount of donation exceeds $3 or $4; then gives you the tip. If a person donates small amounts all the tips are stored in his account until the total reaches $3 or $4 at that moment they are asked to pay the amount they donated. So if you get a $0.1 tip from one person and after that the person doesn’t pay you get nothing.

Likeit doesn’t seems a good way of making money, because this website is very easy to game, for example one of your visitors sees the button, signs up to, makes a $2 donation that he will never pay, then he makes another account and another donation, you get all excited, hoping that the people that donated money reach the $4 mark so you can get paid and after months of waiting noting happens, and you get a depression when you see that all was just a lie.

This website could be used to promote a blog, all the website that get tips are featured on the front page, so a person that wants to play with the system could create an account, add the button to his blog, then make another account that tip $2 the first account, and this actions will get him on the first page of the website.

Disadvantages: uses PayPal for transactions; you get paid if you have a minimum of $40 in your account. They take a 7,3% fee from every donation and payment, so at the end gets paid two times, and every time the money pas through PayPal they apply a fee.

Using the PayPal donation button is a beater way of making and receiving donations, when someone makes a donation through PayPal you will get paid.

This seems to be a get rich quick scheme, even if it isn’t.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Receive calls on your blog at

Grand Central

Blogger has introduced a new feature today, now you can receive and make calls for free with GrandCentral. This service is in private beta, but Blogspot bloggers can get a free account immediately.

GrandCentral has been acquired by Google. GrandCentral is a service that allows you to manage all your phone numbers and your phones. They give you one phone number, which will forward to other phones when you receive a call.

GrandCentral has some useful features, people can leave you voicemails without seeing your number, you can screen calls, block unwanted callers, record calls, record greeting messages and many more features.

GrandCentral has some limitation is available only in America, you can’t have more that one phone number per account, the service doesn’t support conference calling or using the number as a fax number. They are working to add more feature to this service, but at least in beta testing the service is free. You can read more on their blog.

The problem with GrandCentral is that Google will know exactly where you live, what is your phone number, who you call and what are you talking about. One of the features is recording calls, what will stop them to record all your phone calls, nothing.

I personally don’t thrust them.

Show me you’re Digg Clone


digg clones

There are thousand of Digg Clones, and just a few have thousands of users. Some are created for small community’s that

share information and some are created by people that hope to make money.


The Benefits of Digg Clones

Every story you submit to one of this website will bring visitors from the community active members and visitors from search engines. Many times when you search something the first results are from one of this websites, this brings benefits to all the person involved. The person that comes from a search engine can get the answer he is looking more quickly, the owner of the Digg Clone gets visitor that generate money from advertising and the user that has his story on that website gets visitors that may become regular visitors that will generate again money. From a Digg Clone every one wins.

Some of the first Digg Clones have become big communities, but the members of small communities stick together, even if the website doesn’t bring many visitor, members have a certain feeling being in tight community focused on the same subject.

If you are a member of a small community, or you often visit one of this community’s leave a comment with the link and you’re impression.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

AdSense for Video launched

google adsense

AdSense has launched AdSense for Video, and before you get all worked up you can use it only if you have at least one million videos streams per month and it’s only for U.S. publishers.

There are two types, InVideo ads appear at the bottom of the video, when you click on them a second video appears over the first and starts playing this are paid on a CPM basis. And text ads appear at the bottom of the video and are like regular ads, this are paid on a CPC basis.

How many of you have one million streams a month? People that have YouTube clones with a large amount of users and don’t already use InVideo ads can take advantage of this program.

If you really want InVideo ads there are many adverting companies that offer this service for any user. AdBrite lets you do just that even if you don’t have a million video streams a month, and you can even show ads over pictures.

AdSense launched more things that you can’t use, read about them here.

I hope that YouTube will stay away from these ads, because I find them annoying.

Ning build your own Social Network

 ning logo

Ning, is a platform where you can create your own social network, you get a combination between a blog platform, a forum and a social network that don’t have all the features.

You can upload videos or embed from YouTube and Google, upload photos or you can add them from Flickr, create blogs, discussion forums, you can add RSS, some widgets and members have customizable profiles.

When you see it first time you say that this it’s all you ever wanted, it could be but is not.  This platform has many features, but is hard to use. You need some time to learn what you can do and what you can’t, to add a widget you have to create a text box, click edit button and paste the code. You can’t customize the template in many ways, you can choose from a couple of template and edit the CSS but this is all you can do if you don’t want to become a developer.

 You can use Ning for free or use the premium version, the free version has AdSense ads on the right side, and you can still show you own ads in a text box. In the premium version you can show your own ads for $20, use you own domain name for $5, remove the “Create Your Own Social Network” button for $8 and if your social network exceeds 10GB of storage and 100GB of bandwidth, you can purchase more storage and bandwidth for $10. This premium service forces you to buy everything from them even bandwidth, and it's pretty expensive.

You can get rid of the ads if you create a network for adult content, even if you don’t show any explicit content, the draw back is that visitors have to sign up before they can see more that your main page.

Ning allows any content on your network even adult content, the most visited network are adult networks, if you want to create one the backgrounds and headers must not contain nudity and you have to make the network private and add a splash screen. They don’t “police” the network but when you receive an email asking you to purchase more bandwidth and you didn’t use your quota and have illegal content on your network, you know what you have to do, pay or move out and backup the member’s information before they delete the account.

Ning is growing rapidly; there are networks with thousands of members but because of their “premium” service I would use my own network script on my own host. Ning is useful because they follow.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Is Wikia Search a good search engine?

Wikia logo

Wikia Search is a future open source search engine.

At this moment this website is junk, if you search google first result is the, the second result is a website that is for sell but has a page that redirects to, the third result is a webpage that has nothing to do with google, and there are two results “” and “”.

Because it’s a new search engine the quality of the search results are low, this website was launched a month ago, they expected to improve the quality of the results and this never happened or at least they didn’t do any big improvement.

The only thing that users can do is to create their own profile and to “help with the miniarticles”, miniarticles appear at the top of search terms, these articles can contain short definitions, disambiguation’s and photos.

You can create miniarticles for search terms that don’t have them or for those that have you can edit them. But there is a problem:

Miniarticles are for helping people. Not for spam or personal blogs. Please add only the canonical site(s) for this topic.

Do not spam. If you spam you will be blocked and your website blacklisted.

For a long time. You will be sad.

Do not spam. We do not want you to be sad. :-) Do something useful. You will be happy.

(To be safe please do not add links to websites :-)

Canonical siteA canonical site is a website which contains extensive authoritative information about a subject. Generally, extensive links to external sites are discouraged in mini articles; however, links to canonical sites are appropriate.”

At first they are saying help us, then don’t do anything or you will get banned, then again they want your help but you shouldn’t do too much.

You can create a miniarticle for your blog if it isn’t a personal blog. I have created a miniarticle for my blog because this isn’t personal blog, by creating that miniarticle I am helping the people that are searching my blog and can’t find it, I provided information about my blog and a link to the blog. My blog is a canonical site because I am the only one that provides information about this subject.

So if want to write a miniarticle be careful, and anyway what you write in the miniarticles doesn’t help the search engine.


Another feature that this search engine has is a star rating system at this moment it doesn’t work, is only for show.

The only thing that you can do with this website is to harm others, by creating miniarticles with spam you can get the competitors website banned, when the star rating will work a large group of users could influence the search results for a search term in a majors way, they will rate with one star the most relevant website and will rate with five stars the most irrelevant website, something like a google bomb. The miniarticles will be used to discredited website, services and not only.

Another inevitable thing that will happen is miniarticle spamming, they can’t stop people from spamming because people are allowed to edit the articles, and because they can spam people will do it. Who will verify millions of miniarticles? The users but not many will do it, who will take the time to edit every single one.

A search engine is more dynamical that an encyclopedia and because users can interfere this search engine is a magnet for spam.

Wurkpal anonymity

wurkpal logo

WurkPal is a website where you can chat with your fellow coworkers, safely. is website that allows anyone to chat in “anonymity”; this website was created as a chat room for company employees, but apparently isn’t used very often.

Users that are company employees will get a user name like “google_10101” because of their IP address, and the users that have a different IP address have names like “unknown_11010”.

Anonymity isn’t really anonymity, WurkPal will still track your IP, on the left there is a MyBlogLog widget, so before you go to that website sign out from Yahoo. The good thing is that you don’t have to create an account.

Even if this website isn’t very used, those who go there are angry workers who are expressing their frustrations, and users that are play and testing the website.

You can’t get visitors from this website because there aren’t many people around, but you could get some links back to you’re blog, just type the blog address and send the message, they don’t use the ”nofollow” tag and the pages get crawled, this could get you a higher PageRank.

iPaper, a Platform and money from Scribd

Scribd has launched today iPaper and the Scribd Platform, this the biggest launch since the creation of iPaper is document viewer much smaller that Adobe's Acrobat Reader about 1/1000th smaller, it’s supports the same documents and loads much faster.

Scribd Platform

The Scribd Platform is a set of tools (QuickSwitch and Scribd API) that allows every website owner to convert documents to iPaper, QuickSwitch doesn’t need user interaction you simply copy-and-paste the code into your.

Scribd has launched with iPaper a new way of monetizing, AdSense integrated in iPaper. You can show contextual ads between the pages of your documents. Scribd will not use your publisher id, they share the earning that your documents make with you but they don’t disclose the revenue share percentage. They send money through PayPal at the beginning of each month is you earned a total of $20.

After the last spammers attack Scribd canceled support for HTML format and have deleted the links from documents, now after this update they still don’t support HTML but the links are active, and the iPaper can be crawled by spiders.

These are just a few features of the iPaper and Scribd Platform.

Chickipedia -That’s Hot

Chickipedia is a wiki website that contains the “largest” database of hot chicks, from all around the world. As any wiki the content is user generated, after you created an account you’re ready to add or edit any womens profile.

This is a women’s only encyclopedia, so for those who are thinking to click “Add New Chick” and post their own profile ask yourself “am I a dude?” if the answer is positive you can still write something about yourself only in “My talk” section.

In every Chick page you can add information about here life, when she was born, what are here hobbies, with who is she hooked up, what is here breast, waist and hip seize. You can write here biography, link to other website that have more “information” about here, what she has done lately. And you can add photos and videos (from and YouTube), explicit content is not allowed, unless you want to be spanked.

Because of the user generated content you may find some mistakes, a wrong birth date or an incorrect breast size.

Chickipedia has some “useful” tools, you can see chicks with similar breast, waist and hip size, has a Random Chick button, you can add 3 favorite chicks to your profile and you can embed the “Chicki Widget” into your website.

Amanda Taping from SG-1 with here asset the American Flag.


This is Chickipedia WordPress plugin I just made it, if you want it’s here.

The website isn’t that big it has 2,283 articles and only 18,862 images so there aren’t many things to see, in one day you could see everything except the videos that will take more time.

This website isn’t a bad idea I really didn’t know where I can post my hot women collection.

Monday, February 18, 2008 Uncensored News





iReport is a CNN website for “uncensored”, user-powered news. You can upload videos, photos and audio files through an easy-to-use interface, “and the most compelling, important, and urgent ones may get seen on CNN”.

iReport allows almost any content, but materials that are obscene, vulgar, hateful or copyrighted aren’t welcomed, so before you upload a story be sure that it respect the TOS.

At iReport you can publish any story even if is from you’re imagination, some people expect to find a news web site because iReport was create by CNN and when they see the “Latest News” they get confused, they start asking “why are people allowed to post crazy news”, “why to news aren’t screened” because is a social web site full of funny news “ZOMG mustard wanted for questioning”.

Like all the video sharing websites you can use iReport to promote you’re blog, not by spamming by sharing news.


How to use iReport

It’s easy you share your life, tell the word what happens around you, what you saw when you got home from work, what your cat is doing and add a nice title “Breaking news: The roof is on fire”.

The iReport news are beater that the CNN news, at iReport you may find some real news not just CNN lies.


And the best news are featured on CNN, so your blog will get more exposure.


Sunday, February 17, 2008

Website Grader a SEO Tool


Website Grader is a SEO tool that evaluates the “marketing effectiveness of a website. It provides a score that incorporates things like website traffic, SEO, social popularity and other technical factors. It also provides some basic advice on how the website can be improved from a marketing perspective.”

Website Grader logo

Website Grader will analyze your website metadata, heading, images, domain, Google Page Rank, Google indexed pages, last Google crawl, Alexa traffic rank, inbound links, searches the big web directories, Technorati blog rank, bookmarks, Digg submissions, this are a few of this website analyzes.

You also can compare you’re web site with other competing web sites.

The results aren’t always accurate, they don’t grab all the data from some websites. But you can still use them to improve you’re blog or website.

On the first page is the submission form and they will ask what is your email address I don't recommend you complete that field unless you want to get spammed.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Make a shop at ZLIO

At ZLIO anyone can create a shop, chose from millions of products and get up to 10% commission on every sale.

Make a shop at ZLIO

The whole process of creating a store is easy and fast, the only thing that you need to do is to drive traffic to that store and hope that somebody will buy when its sees” Create your online shop for free in 5 minutes”, I wouldn’t buy because I can create my own store and after I buy a product from my own store they will give my some money back.

When you create you’re store you they give you free a sub domain on one of they 13 websites network, shortest domain name is or .net, and obviously you can buy a domain from their affiliates.

ZLIO Shops look nice, you can customize the store template; add a couple of modules, display up to a thousand products and you can create 20 stores. Store customization means changing the colors of the link and background, adding Meta tags and some links in the page header and footer.

Last year ZLIO and Amazon worked together, but Amazon doesn’t allow Amazon sellers to split their commission with others (ZLIO was splitting the commissions) an Amazon launched at the same time a competing website, so they stopped working together.

Because of this incident we know how ZLIO works, ZLIO is a middleman when you make a sell they receive a commission and they split that commission with you. This isn’t very profitable for you as a store owner; you will make more money if you work directly with the company that sells those products.

They have a referral program you get 10% commissions from the users you refer and 5% of their friend’s commissions.

They pay through PayPal and they don’t have a minimum payout limit (I couldn’t find it anywhere).

You can choose how to earn your commissions Pay-per-Click, Pay-per-Action (Sale) or choose a mix of the two; and you are not allowed to click on your own “per-click” offers.

Your account on ZLIO will be deactivated if you don’t add products during the 30 days following membership starting; and if don’t make any sale for three consecutive months.

Anyone interested in an iPhone?

Friday, February 15, 2008

Shareaflick pays for video views


Shareaflick works like Shareapic you bring visitors to their website and you get paid, the front end and back end looks exactly the same, they changed the color but you get the same menu and functions, and there isn’t a forum. The two websites look alike but Shareaflick still has the bugs that Shareapic had fixed; they don’t give much information about them or how can much you can earn from a video view.

Shareaflick logo


Users don’t complain about them no one said that Shareaflick is a scam, they pay through PayPal if your account balances reaches $20, a Stumbleupon user said that this means around 200,000 video views, if this is true then at Shareapic you could make more money.

From the moment you enter their website you get the impression that this is a scam, it looks like Shareapic, you find about them from Shareapic, both websites are created by the same person ant that person got to lazy to create a different look for the website.

Shareaflick makes money from advertising and it’s full of annoying popups, so the person who came to watch your video will never come again, even if he has a popup blocker.

They don’t allow many things, too many:

Bad / Foul Language

Full Nudity

Partial nudity (except for regular bikinis with no thongs)

Underwear pictures of any kind

Upskirt videos

Obscene videos

Offensive videos (race, etc.)

Suggestive videos (drugs, sex, etc.)

So I won’t use them very often.
Good luck if you try this program and leave a comment about you’re impression.

Make money by hosting images at Shareapic


At Shareapic you can host images and get paid by the number of views, they share their earning with the users. Shareapic makes money from advertising; the Shareapic monthly profit is divided by the total image views, this sets the price for an image view. This means that there isn’t a fix amount you can earn from an image view.

shareapic logo

There are many websites that do the same thing, I will write about them if they prove to be reliable. I searched the internet to see if Shareapic is a scam or is the real thing. There are a few people complain that Shareapic has closed there accounts, this happened because they breached the TOS and there is some spam, on almost all the blog that have written about Shareapic you can find “Shareapic Scam” saying that Shareapic is a scam and “Loyal Shareapic User” who follows him and writes that he clarified this issue.

People are getting paid I saw some screen shots that prove this, and the fact is that there aren’t many people complaining.
Recently AdSense has stopped working with them because of some invalid clicks.

It seems that Shareapic is administrated by only one person, and has some problems with the bandwidth cost. So the business doesn’t make much money.

They don’t allow copywrited images but you can still see them and porn is not allowed.

They pay through PayPal when your account balance is over $20 and pay weekly, but is something interesting about the way they pro-rated “We pro-rate some payments depending on what country you're from. We don't get paid as much for Indian and Asian traffic, so obviously, we can't pay our users as much for it.” this is from their FAQ, so depending in which country you live they pay you more ore less, but what happens with the users that are from Asia and bring traffic from USA, are they pro-rated? This answer from their FAQ creates confusion and doesn’t build trust, they should clarify that answer.

They have a forum but there is something wrong about it: “Post your payments here (AND PRAISES)! Post all of your good experiences in here for all to see” again this doesn’t build trust, they shouldn’t write “Post all of your good experiences” because it looks like the users with problems aren’t allowed to write.

This program doesn’t look bad some extra money will make anyone happy, the only thing that makes it look bad are some minor details.

The accounts that are inactive 90 days are deleted, so be active.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Beware of Scams

 free money scam

In the last week I received a couple of email from different people, asking me to claim $6 to $20 millions from an African bank. The bank “manager” informs me that he got my email address from a search, and because I seem an honest person he wants my help to steal $20 million. From which I would get only 30% and for that money I should pose as the account owner.

The name of this scam is "419" scam ("Nigeria scam" or "West African" scam), there are variation of this scam but most of this scams are connected to West African nations such as Ghana, Liberia, Togo, Sierra Leone or Ivory Coast. The scammers have money and need your help to get the millions out of the bank. The purpose of this scam is to make the victim pay a “fee”, after this they “encounter a complication” and ask you more money until you run out.


This is not the first time I encounter this scam, the first time was last year on a social network, in that message the other person said that he followed my action in that network, but in fact I just sign up. The mails the scammers send are similar Africa is mentioned every time (this scam was created in Nigeria), they get your mail from a unknown source, in the last one the scammer said he got may mail from a search engine, but I searched the internet to see if someone has posted my address and I didn’t find it, and to get the money the victim is requested to do something illegal. These actions should make anyone suspicious, especially the fact that you would get only 30% from this, for $6 million who will bother to do this.

I don’t think that many people are scammed this way especially that a variation of 419 scam works beater in the real world.

Another scam that you may encounter is with PayPal, you read on a website that by sending $5 to a list of people, adding your mail at the bottom of the list and sending this list to other people you could make $10,000 in a week. In fact all the email addresses are used by only one person, you send money to one person and in return you get nothing.  Another PayPal scam that you may encounter is phishing, you get an email from "" asking to go and check you account, as can you see the email address isn’t from PayPal and the link from that email doesn’t go to PayPal, the link is for a website that look similar to PayPal, and when you try to login from that website you actually send your PayPal password to another person. 


Remember don’t give money to shady people.