Monday, August 3, 2009

I am back

I am back, because I shouldn't have left in the first place the things where good and some are still good but they could be beater. Since my last post many things have happen.
Am vazut multe ceasuri superbe pe
I made a lot of changes, now I don't wait for something, now I make it happen. This is the best thing and now I realize that I missed on a lot of of opportunities, but in the past nothing could have made them come true .

Now I take the right action every time is needed.

Am vazut multe ceasuri superbe pe

Am vazut multe ceasuri superbe pe

Am vazut multe ceasuri superbe pe

Am vazut multe ceasuri superbe pe

Am vazut multe ceasuri superbe pe

Am vazut multe ceasuri superbe pe

Am Vazut multe ceasuri superbe

I just some amazing watches at Am Vazut multe ceasuri superbe

They are for the people that want luxury watches but don't want to buy a gold Rolex. I will soon get a watch from them a Calvaneo 1583, this is an interesting name for a daimond and gold watch. With this watch I can impress the lady's now I only need a nice car, a big house and the million $ that I said I can make in a month, this never happen but may be I will be lucky

Am vazut multe ceasuri superbe pe

Am vazut multe ceasuri superbe pe

Am vazut multe ceasuri superbe pe

Am vazut multe ceasuri superbe pe

Am vazut multe ceasuri superbe pe

Am vazut multe ceasuri superbe pe

Am vazut multe ceasuri superbe pe

Friday, May 2, 2008

Grow a Finger with Pig Dust

Lee Spievack sliced half an inch off the top of one of his finger and after he sprinkled some “pixie dust” the finger grow back.

The “pixie dust” is extra-cellular matrix, full off collagen and is made from dried pig’s bladder. Originally “pixie dust” was created to regenerate damaged ligaments in horses but Lee’s brother Alan who is researching tissue regeneration convinced him to sprinkle "pixie dust"

The U.S. Army Military is working with University of Pittsburgh scientists who developed the pixie dust to find a way to allow injured soldiers to regrow lost fingers, skin, and even whole limbs.

Spievack lost the finger in 2005 when it got caught in the propeller of a model plane. He did not want a skin graft, opting instead to try the “pixie dust.” Spievack said that his finger even has a fingernail and fingerprint.

Collagen gives skin strength and elasticity and is thought that the dust kick-starts the body's natural healing process by sending out signals that mobilize the body's own cells into repairing the damaged tissue.

 Grow a Finger with Pig Dust

Source: Daily Mail

China is building a nuclear submarine base



Breaking news China is building a nuclear submarine base and US is scared.

Someone gave The Daily Telegraph satellite images that show a harbor which could house nuclear ballistic missile submarines and aircraft carriers.

Images show several warships and a network of underground tunnels at the Sanya base on the southern tip of Hainan island.

The tunnel entrances is estimated to be 60ft high, built into hillsides around the base the tunnel leads to caverns capable of hiding up to 20 nuclear submarines from spy satellites.

Satellite image of the harbour: click to enlarge

China is building a nuclear submarine base

The US Department of Defence is pretty scared because China will have five 094 nuclear submarines operational by 2010 with each capable of carrying 12 JL-2 nuclear missiles.

China has diverted much of its resources from the huge Peoples Liberation Army to the navy, air force and missile development. An old Russian aircraft carrier, bought by Beijing has been picked over by naval architects who hope to "reverse engineer" the ship.

In the next five to 10 years the People's Liberation Navy is expected to build up to six carriers which will also coincide with the Royal Navy’s construction of two major carriers.

The location of the base will give the submarines access to very deep water exceeding 5,000 meters making them even harder to detect.

Britain’s Trident submarines have to remain on the surface when they leave Faslane in north east Scotland and cannot dive to depth until outside the Irish Sea.

This is a challenge to any hegemonic power, particularly the US which still remains dominant in the region. But so far China has offered no public explanation for its building at Sanya.

 The images were obtained by Janes Intelligence Review after the periodical was given access to imagery from the commercial satellite company DigitalGlobe.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

David Blaine sets World Record for Underwater Breath Holding

World Record for Underwater Breath Holding

David Blaine set a world record for underwater breath holding of 17 minutes, four and four-tenths seconds in Oprah Winfrey's talk show.

Blaine was suspended in an acrylic sphere filled with water 8.183 liters of water, the spent the first 22 minutes inhaling pure oxygen.

Blaine said that he was aware that his heart was beating irregularly near the end.

"I actually started to doubt I was going to make it because I'd never done it with such a high heart rate," he added. His aides said during the event that his heart rate should have dropped far lower than it did.”

This was not a magic act this was just a stunt, David tries all the time to push the limits of the human body.

Gigantic Squid Eaten by Scientists


Gigantic Squid Eaten by Scientists

A gigantic squid caught in 2007 and weighting 495 kilograms is being unfrozen by scientists, they want to “study” the squid but their intentions where revealed yesterday when several Japanese and Australian scientists started to cut and eat different parts of the squid. By eating the squid they “examined” the ammoniac content. This is the way that real scientist examine the most intact specimen ever found.

The good news is that the thaw will take longer than “scientist” hoped and maybe they will eat some sushi instead.

Scientific conclusion concerning the gigantic squid:

 Mark Fenwick said

This is a gourmet meal.”

It left a real taste in your mouth and stayed for quite a while.”

“I don't know anyone else who has eaten Mesonychoteuthis."

"It was very much like sashimi.”

Dr O'Shea said

It tasted good

"The interesting thing about it is that it was non-ammoniacal.”

Godaddy hosting problem fixed

I solved the hosting problem, apparently if you use you can host an unlimited number of domains. I use the Deluxe Plan has unlimited hosting but can host only three domains, if you want to host more domains you have to buy a Virtual Dedicated Server even if the websites use only html with no databases.

My problem started when I added a new domain to that hosting account, I submitted two tickets and they said that this error occurs if I use more that 50 connections to the server, I didn’t want to argue so I did what any other person does, I deleted one domain and I bough an new hosting plan just for that domain. All the domains work fine now and remember that although the plan is unlimited you can use only three.

Don’t be fooled by this they aren’t real