Monday, December 31, 2007

FUK Blog

FUK (Fashion UK-online fashion magazine) Blog is dedicated for those who don’t make money from blogging .

The beginning

I have started to blog approximately a year ago, I was surfing the net and saw something about blogs, a lots of money and AdSense, I didn’t finished reading that article, and just typed to create my blog at that time I was very excited thinking how much money I will earn (You did the same), and I have create my blog.

My first 5 blogs

1. My first blog: In that day I had an “extraordinary” idea to write about blogmoney (this was your first idea to) “I will write about something that I don’t know nothing and peoples will come”
And they cammed lots of them after I singe up to BUMPzee! and BlogCatalog “They where so many and I didn’t know what to do” 1 (one) visitor.

I started visiting other blogs and I saw something there where hundreds of blog with the same subject blogmoney, I realized that this blog will won’t make money, but I still continued. And drop it after a month.

2. The other 4 blogs were more successful I was earning a there figure a day between $0,05 and $0,01 and usually $0.0.

When I saw that I was fulfilled I joined the big liege. After a couple of months the same thing happened I lost much time, I didn’t make money and I didn’t have visitors.

The end of blogmoney

After a year I didn’t make my $100. So now I say to those who say that anyone can make thousand of dollars just like that FUK. You can’t make this kind of money, all most half of blogger are in for the money and they don’t earn much.

For those who think that they can make fast blogmoney they are mistaken.

You can’t make even slow blogmoney.

FUK (Fashion UK-online fashion magazine)